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yuppie: [noun] a young college-educated adult who is employed in a well-paying profession and who lives and works in or near a large city.
Yuppie, short for "young urban professional" or "young upwardly-mobile professional", is a term coined in the early 1980s for a young professional person working in a city. The term is first attested in 1980, when it was used as a fairly neutral demographic label, but by the mid-to-late 1980s, when a "yuppie backlash" developed due to concerns over issues such as gentrification, some writers ...
Yuppie is a slang term denoting the market segment of young urban professionals. A yuppie is often characterized by youth, affluence and business success.
Yuppies are "young urban professionals" who often work at high-paying jobs. Yuppies are young professionals who typically live in in urban or suburban areas. The term “yuppie” is derived from “young urban professional,” which just about sums up the major characteristics of the yuppie demographic. Marketers have been studying yuppies and ...
Stands for Young Urban Professional. Yuppies are usually the children of doctors and lawyers, hold Master's degrees from Ivy League universities, and are very concerned with their appearance. Many were in fraternities and many live in expensive houses or apartments. Yuppies can typically be seen in large metropolitan areas such as Portland or New York.
Yuppies. Following the social upheaval and counterculture ideals that received popular attention the 1970s, the 1980s ushered in a backlash, at least in the middle and upper middle classes. A number of former college students, protesters, and hippies who came from these classes left the counterculture behind and took high-paying white collar jobs.
Yuppie is a term for a person that is considered a “young professional.”. Originally a shortened version of the term “young urban professional,” yuppie often has a negative connotation due to how young professionals had acted during the time when the term was coined, which was in the 1980s. However, there is a seemingly positive aspect ...
Yuppies. What rich 1980s white-collar workers were called in the decade when the western world revelled in unapologetic materialism. Yuppies (an acronym for “Young Urban Professionals”) ostentatiously stocked their New York-style apartments with the most expensive designer appliances and the latest in high-end stereo and video gear and ...
Yuppies, on the other hand, were seasoned careerists who owned yachts and luxury SUVs and talked in public about their stock portfolios. Yuppiedom described a specific oily demeanor and pattern of ...
The film critic Dominic Corry of The New Zealand Herald has described a genre of ’80s and ’90s films as “yuppies in peril” movies, and, since their affluent protagonists lack any real ...
Yuppie is an acronym of young urban professional, which first appeared in the media in 1982, and came to be one of the more characteristic period tropes of The '80s . Yuppies were the members of the later Baby Boom generation, or "Generation Jones" who became successful (or at least well-paid) white-collar workers while in their twenties and ...
Ice Cream, To Yuppies. Crossword Clue. The crossword clue Ice cream, to yuppies with 6 letters was last seen on the January 01, 1999. We think the likely answer to this clue is GELATI. Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank. You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer.
Os ‘yuppies’, em geral, possuem formação universitária, trabalham nas suas profissões de formação e seguem as últimas tendências da moda. O termo também passou a ser utilizado no Brasil e em Portugal sem tradução, e com o mesmo significado adotado na língua inglesa. Ocasionalmente, o termo é utilizado com certa carga pejorativa ...
The pedigree of the area's architecture, and its close proximity to the city center, make it an obvious choice for well-heeled yuppies looking to return some video tapes. Flickr/Adam Mizrahi Brickell
Yuppies rarely are immersed in an informal community — motorcyclists, fans of musical styles, role games and historical reconstruction, unorganized tourism and hikes, etc. Such “informals” are often despised by yuppies for “playing the fool”. 8. Two yuppies can make a very strong family couple in view of similar values f both.
Yuppies - I giovani di successo: Directed by Carlo Vanzina. With Jerry Calà, Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi, Ezio Greggio. A dentist, a car salesman, a lawyer, and a public-relations man, all Young Urban Professionals (Yuppies) who idolize FIAT Chairman Gianni Agnelli, decide to indulge in spending their holidays in Cortina D'Ampezzo, a famous ski-resort in Italy.
yuppie definition: 1. a young person who lives in a city, earns a lot of money, and spends it doing fashionable things…. Learn more.
Yuppies is a tight, white-knuckled, and genuinely unpredictable record. The band recorded the entire first half of it in one long live take, and the nerviness of the endeavor is palpable. Songs ...
Yuppies synonyms, Yuppies pronunciation, Yuppies translation, English dictionary definition of Yuppies. n. Informal A young city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle. yup′pie·dom n.
X Research source. 2. Wear a white or grey t-shirt. V-necks are popular. This is common to both the hipster and yuppie styles; however, yuppies usually wear softer, more expensive brands. 3. Choose skinny jeans. Men should choose tailored, slim fit jeans, while women opt for skinny jeans in crops or full-length.
Yuppies (česky někdy jupíci) je označení pro vrstvu, resp. subkulturu mladých lidí (typicky dvacátníků nebo třicátníků), kteří jsou bohatí nebo aspoň finančně zajištěni (mají nadprůměrně dobře placené zaměstnání, zpravidla v oblasti managementu), za svůj úspěch a bohatství se nestydí, a mají specifický životní styl – zjednodušeně lze říct, že ...
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Abstract: This dissertation reveals how the emergence of a class of highly-educated professionals—young urban professionals, or “yuppies”— transformed New York City, fostered new forms of work, leisure, and politics, and, ultimately, helped to produce America’s current age of inequality. In the 1980s, the growth of finance transformed ...
Yuppies invest carefully in small, artisanal brands that produce one of a kind pieces, supporting local artisans and struggling artists. The Space - Found Art Versus Investment Pieces. Hipster and Yuppie spaces may be similar at first glance, but they follow a similar aesthetic as clothing. They want things that are unique and don’t look like ...
This is the perfect time to write a story about yuppies. This is the 10th anniversary of "The Year of the Yuppie," first proclaimed by the New York Times (March 25, 1984) and certified by Newsweek ...
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Yuppies young yuppie urban term professional first professionals yuppies. often city.

What are Yuppies?

Yuppies are "young urban professionals" who often work at high-paying jobs.

Who Are the New Yuppies?

Yuppies, on the other hand, were seasoned careerists who owned yachts and luxury SUVs and talked in public about their stock portfolios.