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by Owen000. Mon Feb 07, 2022 1:34 am. Accesorios / Accesories. Todo aquello que acompaña a la placa del ZX-Uno (carcasas, alimentadores, pegatinas para el teclado, etc) / Everything that goes with the ZX-Uno board (cases, AC adapters, stickers for keyboard, etc) 110 Topics. 2838 Posts.
Software. 2016-06-10 Added Sketch-Up ZX-Uno (v4.1) SKP file format - Development by @Mejias3D. Downloads. 2016-05-31 Transparent box for ZX-Uno 4.1 - Design by @Arananet. Downloads. Media. 2016-05-25 Added snapshots in high resolution 3D PCB Sketch-Up. Media. 2016-05-18 Added snapshots of 3D PCB Sketch-Up by Mejias3D.
Once you have the file, save it in your SD card root folder, turn on your ZX-Uno and enter the BIOS pressing F2, go to Upgrade menu and choose "Upgrade BIOS for ZX", then "SD file". Once the BIOS reports upgrade is done, power off/on your ZX-Uno, you're done. You must not get surprised if the progress bar doesn't fill completely.
The ZX-Uno is a retro computer clone based on FPGA. The main machine is ZX Spectrum that is perfectly cloned. In the other computers and consoles of 8 bits, the cloning is quite trustworthy: Amstrad CPC, Sam Coupe, Jupiter ACE, Apple II, MSX1, VIC 20, Sega Master System, NES, Coleco, Atari2600, Atari 800XL, C64, PC XT among others. It is a ...
All the files for ZX-Uno project repository. Contribute to zxdos/zxuno development by creating an account on GitHub.
SDK Radastan for ZX Spectrum / ZX-Uno. Based on the compiler Z88DK, the kit allows to develop games and applications in C language. Compatible with ZX-Spectrum standard graphics mode. Specific functions (0.3 beta) for Radastanian Mode. Links: SDK "Original" ZX-Spectrum. NEW! SDK Radastanian Mode. Tutorial original Radastan (ZIP+PDF).
As most ZX-Uno currently built come from the crodwfunding campaign, or are made by some of the ZX-Uno member, there is a big chance that the file in link "Archivos de ESXDOS para la tarjeta SD" at the spanish instructions page for backers will be valid for your ZX-Uno, if not, ask your manufacturer for ESXDOS version and overwrite those files ...
FPGA BOARD based on ZX-UNO project, this version include 2Mb SRAM, W25Q128 Flash chip and 2 joystick ports. VGA and RGB native output. For more information, contact with [email protected]
ZX Spectrum Computer based on FPGA. The ZX-UNO+ board uses modern hardware to implement classic computers platforms as the ZX-Spectrum. The ZX-Uno+ is a board that allows several computers to be implemented, mirroring the original hardware as close as possible. That is made possible by using an FPGA, that may be set up thanks to circuit ...
ZXUNO/ZXDOS; Arcade; ZX Projects; Home support 2021-09-30T01:46:49+02:00 Featured Products. Out of stock Scart Switch 25,00 ...
The ZX-Uno is a retro computer clone based on FPGA. It has a similar appearance and format to a Raspberry PI, so it will take up very little space on your desktop. It is a hardware and software project opened under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license created by the ZX-Uno team: Superfo, AVillena, McLeod, Quest, Hark0.
Scribd es red social de lectura y publicación más importante del mundo.
Discussion group and meeting point for both developers and users of the ZX-UNO FPGA board.
Mediante este "hat" que comercializa Antonio Villena ( https://www.antoniovillena.es/store/product/umt32pi/ ) y una Raspberry Pi Zero 2w se puede conseguir u...
ZX-UNO VGA 2MB. ZX-Uno VGA 2MB ploča takodje koristi FPGA XILINX Spartan-6. Za razliko od v4.1 ima Flash od 128Mb (16MB), tako da se mogu učitati 45 jezgara odjednom. Ima RAM od 2MB, tako da većina programa mogu izvšavati za PC/XT, MSX, NES, Atari 800XL. Ima konektor za VGA monitor, nema kompozitni video izlaz.
Наклейки На Клавиатуру ZX-Spectrum, ZX-Evolution, ZX-UNO, Speccy !!!В видео делаю обзор на наклейки для ZX-Spectrum и совместимых ...
ZX-UNO 512KB. ZX-Uno je ploča koja omogućava da se implementira nekoliko računara, klonirajući što je moguće bliži originalni hardver. To je omogućeno korišćenjem FPGA XILINX Spartan-6, koji se može postaviti zahvaljujući programskim jezicima za projektovanje digitalnih sistema kao što su VHDL ili Verilog.
ZX-Uno. ZX-Uno es el primer clon de ZX Spectrum basado en FPGA. Está diseñado para ser barato de producir, es libre (incluyendo las fuentes Eagle), económico y muy preciso. A raíz de su aparición han aparecido versiones derivadas como ZX GO+ con el tamaño de la placa de un Spectrum 48K "Gomas". Destaco los siguientes aspectos:
Recovering. There are two files needed for recovery. First, is recovery.bit provided by Antonio and which will be uploaded to FPGA through JTAG straight from Raspberry PI and a second FLASH.ZX1 which has to be uploaded to root directory of SD card and plugged into Zx-Uno to reflash its firmware from the BIOS menu.
From the BIOS we can totally configure the ZX-Uno, to access the BIOS we have to press the Tab key when we see the ZX-Uno logo. Of all the things that we can select here, we can fix the rom with which we want to start the zxuno, for it we would have to go to the card called "ROMs". Once there we must select the desired rom and press enter, a ...
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.
XUNO Phone App. As part of our commitment to high-level school-home partnerships, Staughton College uses XUNO to communicate to students and their families. We are excited to announce that XUNO have developed a new App that now allows messages, approval of excursions, payments, communication, booking parent teacher student conference and ...
ZX-Uno is a FPGA computer like Raspberry Pi but not for Linux or Android. It implements 8-bit computers hardware like OneChipMSX and MiST! Can have 9 cores flashed at the same time, to choose one from the menu to start! Have cores for ZX48/128, Acorn BBC/Electron/Atom, AppleII, Atari800/XL/2600, VIC-20, ORIC, Sam Coupe, Sega MS, NES ...
Con el ZX-UNO, incorporamos muchas mejoras al Spectrum propiamente dicho, como: ULAPlus (Capacidades extendidas de vídeo con muchos más colores, modos Timex HiColour/HiRes, modo Radastan 128x96x16 colores, interrupcion ráster, etc). TurboSound (con 2 chips AY implementados, obteniendo 6 canales de sonido).
ForoFPGA Foro de cacharreo con FPGAs, CPLDs y demás tipos de lógica programable
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